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Academy of the Blade Class Schedule


At the Academy of the Blade we train at least 3 times a week to prepare for tournaments and shows all across the globe and work at toughening up even the fittest of people.  Whether you've been to UFC, Martial arts, or any mainstream sports, you're starting off from scratch as soon as you put the armor on.  

The only way to win is to train!

Academy of the Blade Schedule


Free Day


6:30PM to 730PM

Instructor - Randy S

Profight and Melee Training

7:30 to 930 PM

Instructor - Ian T

Sword and Shield Training


630PM to 8 PM

Instructor - Ryan N

Longsword Training

8 to 9:30 PM

Instructor - Warren N

Melee Training  and Polearm


12-1PM - Boxing

1-2:30PM - Ninjitsu Training


Instructor - Alex K

Grappling Training

3:30 - 5:00 PM

Instructor - Richard M

Rookie Training and Duels in full steel


5:00- 7PM

Group Fight Combat Training full steel and softkit


Doug Skurdle

7PM to 9 PM - Ninjitsu Training 


Doug Skurdle

7PM to 9 PM - Ninjitsu Training 


Free Day

Greatest sport you can ever try.  If you've ever heard of it. 

Richard Manns

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