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Weapons? Did you Say Weapons?

You don't put these things on the wall

The only place in Canada you'll find where you can use these and never have to worry about injury.  The armor does its job and looks amazing, but be fit for the job.

HACSA August 21 Bryan Peters-21.jpg
HACSA August 21 Bryan Peters-167.jpg

Its the Hardest Thing You'll Ever Try

Ever felt like you were born in the wrong age?  Felt like you had all sorts of energy and needed a place to focus?  Want to try your skill at what might be the most difficult physical thing in your life?  
Well you've come to the right place. 


Armored Combat in Canada is a no holds barred, hold onto your pants sword fight, working together with teams from across Canada to showcase your skills at national and international levels.

We can train you, teach you, get you involved and find a place where the community comes together, whether its at our facility in Calgary, or in our multiple events we hold each year.

Contact us and lets see how to get you learning the ways of the sword.

Get a Quote, Work or Train With Us

If you or one of your teams want to put on an event and need insurance for your participants and want to work with Armored Combat Entertainment Ltd, please feel free to send us a message!  

Thanks for submitting!

20230115-_DSF8241-2-Medieval day 2-629.jpg

Our Mission Is to Empower You to do something you've never done before


Teams Across Canada


Tournaments per year


Weapon, Individual and Group Categories


Of different types of armor you can wear and personalize

You want weapons? Armor? The chance to test your mettle against Canada's best?  

Here you can test yourself against the best in Canada!  Show up to our tournaments, work with the local teams, and keep your skills sharp to be known as Canada's best Medieval Combat fighter

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