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We are here to help answer questions and to get you involved!  Want to learn the way of the sword? Ever dreamt of performing in front of a crowd?? Have questions about us or our next event? Click submit below!

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Click here and we will do our best to talk with you about our favorite subject... Armor and Combat!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's armored combat all about?
    Its a bit about community, a bit about brotherhood and a bit about competing to be the best in Canada, in a competition thats thousands of years old. Here we are bringing something old and making it new, keeping the best parts of feeling and looking like a knight while helping people create new relationships and putting on the worlds greatest show. While it might look dangerous, our expert team ensures safety is top priority and all moves and shows are done by our creative team of combat specialists, dont try this at home!
  • How can I join?
    The easiest way is to contact us directly. Since we take safety so seriously, this is not something you can just sign up and be a professional in one day. It takes many years of training to safely put on a show in front of an audience and that means training, training, training. Our shows have a certain level of performance and that means you can only achieve that kind of level by working with us and getting to the high performance level needed to maintain a combat show in front of an audience. In short, contact us and we will see what we can do!
  • Where's your next tournament?
    We hold events all the time! Our next event is July 20th at the Back Alley Nightclub in Calgary and we expect to be holding these events regularly, and as demand increases, you may be a part of them in the future!
  • Where can I go for Tickets?
    check out for current tickets is our next one
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