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Bay 8, 4315 64th Ave SE Calgary, AB

We are here to help answer questions and to get you involved!  Want to learn the way of the sword? Need a team nearby? Have questions about us or our next event? Click submit below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's armored combat all about?
    Its a bit about community, a bit about brotherhood and a bit about competing to be the best in Canada, in a competition thats thousands of years old. Here we are bringing something old and making it new, keeping the best parts of feeling and looking like a knight while helping people create new relationships without having to be top level sports athletes or big name brand stars. In armored combat, we work with create a new sport that allows us to compete with people across the world, doing some amazing things without getting hurt.
  • How can I join?
    The easiest way is to find a team in your area. Most cities have one, and if they don't, you're always free to start one!! New teams are always welcome in the community! Best bet is to get in touch with us here and send us a message and we can put you in touch with a local team. If you're in Calgary you can come to our Armored Combat gym at 4315 64th Ave SE Bay #8, Wed, Fri or Sundays and train with us three times a week.
  • Where's your next tournament?
    We hold tournaments all the time! our most common tournaments are held in Calgary, Edmonton, Drayton Valley, Lethbridge and many other places. The bigger events are here in Calgary, our next one is at the WINSPORT Arena on June 23/24 2023, and tickets are being sold for spectators now at
  • Where can I go for Tickets?
    Usually our tickets are for sale long before the event takes place on Our newest event, Knightfall is on for pre-advance tickets. Keep an eye out for changes in events as they come and go as we continue to put on bigger and bigger events.
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