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Rules and Regulations for Armored Combat in Canada

Canadian Rulesets for Armored Combat in Canada. 

For any questions please contact us. 


These rules are up for review and do often have minor changes being made.   Currently all rulesets are revision 1 unless otherwise noted. 

Group Combat Rules/Regs have two sections, Regulations and Rules.  Regulations allow for how conflict is handled, penalties and other competition details. Rules define the means by which the sport is played.


Longsword Duel Rules

20230115-_DSF7728-2-Medieval day 2-117 - Copy.jpg

Sword and Shield Ruleset


Polearm Duels Ruleset

HACSA Tournament-Okotoks-20230115-080.jpg

Greatsword Duels Ruleset

20230115-_DSF8721-2-Medieval day 2-1048.jpg

Sword and Buckler



20230114-_DSF6916-2-Medieval day 1-1211.jpg

Axe Match

20230114-_DSF7359-2-Medieval day 1-1653.jpg


20230115-_DSF8241-2-Medieval day 2-629.jpg

Group Match Regulations

20230114-_DSF6942-2-Medieval day 1-1237.jpg

Group Match Rules


Equipment Rules

Contact us with Questions About the Rules

Feel free to send us a request to have our rules adjusted for better shows and tournaments!

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